•   Area

    Near LIFE you will find the center of Utrecht, with nice shops, cafes, hotels and cultural attractions. Utrecht has developed into a cultural metropolis. The range of culture is large and of high quality. There are characteristic institutions, festivals, companies and stages. The large, innovative range of culture makes Utrecht one of the most attractive cities in the Netherlands. Talent, the makers and experiments get the space in many places in Utrecht. Art and each other ensures that people meet. In addition, art and culture contribute to Utrecht being a fine place to live, work and be. Utrecht is therefore proud of the makers, their talent and their contribution to Utrecht as a cultural city

  •   Accessibility of LIFE

    No office location in the Netherlands is as easily accessible as the park-like Papendorp. Whether you travel by private transport or by public transport.

    By car

    Papendorp is located directly on the A2 and A12 motorways with direct access to the A27 and A28 and, via the Prins Claus bridge, a direct connection to the center of Utrecht and soon - via the Marinus van Tyrus viaduct - to the various districts in Leidsche Rijn. The park has its own P & R with good public transport connections.

    By public transport from Utrecht CS

    Thanks to the free bus lanes, there are fast and high-frequency connections throughout the day to and from Utrecht CS, the heart of the Netherlands. The first bus runs at 6.14, the last one leaves at 0.51 am. From Utrecht CS Jaarbeurszijde, the U-ov lines 24 and 29 depart from Mondays to Fridays to Papendorp and vice versa. Line 24 runs every 8 minutes during rush hour and 29 runs every 15 minutes. In off-peak hours these lines run every half an hour.

    By public transport from Houten, Maarssen, Leidsche Rijn and Nieuwegein

    From Houten, Maarssen, Leidsche Rijn and Nieuwegein, Papendorp can be reached on weekdays with the U-ov line 48. Line 48 runs in rush hour every 15 minutes and in the valley every half hour.